Going above and beyond the call of duty

In December it is worth taking the time to sit down, look back and take stock of the year. It helps to see the good things we all did and that happened during the year. It also helps to find what is important to focus on improving next year and to see in what ways we want to grow.

This year has gone by so quickly. It hardly seems possible that Christmas is only few days away. It feels like we only just put away the office decorations from last year’s festivities. But, in between, we’ve had a jam-packed 12 months and 2017 has flown by in a flash.

The Abacus family has grown; 5 staff members joined us and our offices in Isle of Man and Malta over the past 12 months. That meant the skills and experiences we offer our clients are richer than ever before; this is so valuable as we strive to deliver more with every assignment we undertake and every client we assist.

We have also remained committed to finding new ways in which we can assist clients, through the development and provision of new solutions and new service offerings. With this in mind, earlier in the year we teamed up with specialist helicopter maintenance company launching a new service line for helicopter owners. Combining an innovative service line with the support that a corporate services provider can provide enabled us to offer a new, complete range of services for aircraft owners.

It is not just our services and team which have expanded over the year; we have continued to develop our involvement and commitment to a number of professional industry bodies. Both the company and its personnel are big supporters of local industry bodies, holding corporate memberships including, but not limited to, the Association of Corporate Service Providers, the Isle of Man Wealth and Fund Services Association and Malta Funds Industry Association, the Isle of Man Superyacht Forum, the Isle of Man Shipping Association, Malta Maritime Directory, Malta Gate, Isle of Man Chamber of Commerce and Malta Chamber of Commerce, Finance Malta and Malta Business Network.

It cannot be denied that working within an industry which is continually affected by regulatory and legislative changes can be challenging, however we have been deeply committed in keeping abreast of the ever-changing regulatory landscape. Not only have we kept ourselves up to date but we also had the opportunity to deliver our first seminar to Isle of Man Chamber of Commerce members, discussing recent developments in UK tax and how they may impact on offshore trust and company structures.

As part of our business development and marketing strategy, we put in our best effort in releasing quality content on our website – now home to regular blog posts and industry news – and sharing it across our social media. We have increased our brand awareness, acquired a greater following across channels and have seen a significant increase in visitors to our website as a result. Hard work and consistency always pay off.

When discussing commitment and dedication, how not to mention our regular attendance to events, conferences, seminars and workshops? On one hand, our business development teams were keen on taking part at the most valuable events for private yacht, aircraft and luxury asset owners, such as Corporate Jet and Superyacht Investors, EBACE, IoM Aviation Conference, Monaco Yacht Show, Helitech International, and the Superyacht Forum. On the other side, the company invested a lot in staff training as it believes greatly in personal development. Abacus always look to offer their staff careers, not jobs.

Last but not least, our time has also been invested supporting very deserving local charities, such as Craig’s Heartstrong Foundation, Oskar’s Dreams/Remember Jade and the Alzheimer’s Society. Each quarter we chose a charity to benefit from our fundraising initiatives and we really hope that our donations went some way to assist those charities in continuing their on-going hard work and commitments.

So we are going to leave 2017 with an overwhelming sense of pride: what the Abacus family and each individual achieved; the projects we worked on with our clients; the fantastic relationships we developed with our stakeholders and peers; a stronger presence both online and offline; above all, what we donated in terms of time, commitment and knowledge.

2018 is already shaping up to be even busier as we are working on exciting new projects – there’s a lot of work in progress or starting very soon. Would you like to know more? I can only say that we are looking forward to going the extra mile for our clients and helping them achieve above and beyond their expectations. Time will tell…


I’ll see you in 2018!

Over and out.


Written by Marta Bellamoli, Marketing Co-ordinator

Millennials and Wealth Management

You can read ‘Part I’ here

Millennials (born between early 80’s and late 90’s) are entering the most dynamic phase of their adult lives, made of earnings, consumption and investing. More than half plan to start new businesses, whilst more than a quarter already have one. Moreover, to a degree unprecedented in history, they will be inheriting massive wealth from their baby boomer parents.
Figures speak for themselves. Millennials are already making up 23% of the world’s millionaires* and they are also expected to receive a record-breaking intergenerational wealth transfer of $30 trillion – that means more than half of all investable assets – over the next few decades.**

Wealth management companies and financial services providers should look at these two macro-groups – entrepreneurs and inheritors – in order to win new business. Engaging this new generation of clients will be crucial to the success of each business but understanding their financial attitudes may be difficult whilst satisfying them may be even harder.

In fact, Millennials are coming with documented differences in the way they think about money and will be taking a different approach to managing their money from previous generations. Despite younger generations are typically perceived as more comfortable accepting a higher level of risk, Millennials tend to prefer a more cautious approach when it comes to money matters, and with reason. Terrorism and financial crises have occupied a large part of their lives, financial hurdles such as high property prices and less lucrative retirement benefits complete the picture.

Given what appears to be a generational predisposition toward caution, trust will be an essential quality in millennial relationships with their wealth management advisor and financial services firm.  The capacity for building trust beyond conventional fiduciary obligations will require formation of authentic personal relationships different, perhaps, from the established conventions of what previous generations have learned to think of professionalism. Millennials expect functionality as a norm, not as an exception. Functionality is the sum of what a product or a service can do for a user – it extends to the newest technologies, company responsiveness, flexibility in approach, innovation, clarity on a service offered and associated fees.
The implication for wealth management companies is that they will need to simultaneously build relationships and think in innovative ways about products and approach. What next?

Of course, working on different fronts will be imperative.


  • Redefining the role as advisor

The recent PIMFA Millennial Report 2017*** shows that two thirds of respondents have very little knowledge of the wealth management industry, however more than half would be happy to contact a wealth manager or financial services firm in order to discuss their venture. The report underlines the fact that many Millennials are unclear on the services offered by professional firms and point to the need for clarity on value for money relative to different levels of service.
So what can a wealth management company do? Become a co-creator, a resource and an educator. Work with Millennials rather than for them. Make them feel like they’re on the same team.


  • Innovating services and offering

A “one-size-fits-all” solution may not get a Millennial excited. As a mission-driven generation, they place value on having purpose and meaning. And that’s not all; 91% of Millennials would use a social network to obtain opinions or commentary about different offerings, 81% of Millennials say they would turn to a social network for reviews about financial products and services.*
So what a financial services provider can do? Innovate the offering introducing new range of services. Find out what drives each Millennial client, what they are passionate about and what they are looking for. Prepare a new set of questions and make it personal.Be prepared to discuss unique, purpose-driven solutions that may fit new requirements.


  • Rethinking communication

Digital natives, Millennials are not merely comfortable with technology, they assume technology. Using technology in communication has indeed become a necessity – Millennials communicate through emails, mobile phones, texting services; they like video conferences, video chat rooms and social media channels. As time goes on, more emerging technologies will change the way people communicate and it will be up to each company to embrace them or not.
So what can wealth management companies do? Use technology in communication. Take a long, hard look at the communications they are sending out. Multi-page printed newsletters? Gone. Lengthy quarterly letters? Goodbye. Content needs to be engaging and bite-sized.
Review resource materials and ask: Are they visual? Easily digestible? Available electronically?


  • Working on online presence

Social media is an ideal channel to connect with Millennials by staying relevant, sharing educational advice, and engaging in personalized connections. Financial firms will need to embrace social media as an integral ingredient in their overall millennial marketing mix. Millennials turn to social networks to get advice and recommendations from their peers, visit a financial company’s social pages, and look for educational content to make decisions.
So what can a financial services provider do? Be online or risk being irrelevant. Updating online presence is a must as the first thing any Millennials will do is to research the company name on Google.
LinkedIn and company website are the first places to start. Refresh everything —update website and page consistently, be concise and clear, share interesting articles, and join relevant groups. Above all, embrace storytelling, tell the company story, its origins, its mission, vision and values, explain why and how, inform. Be personable.


“Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.” (Stephen Hawking)


Written by Marta Bellamoli, Marketing Co-ordinator



* source: Forbes 2017

** source: PWC survey 2015 

*** read the full report here 

Corporate and financial services providers, are you ready for Millennials?

Tech-savvy, feedback-craver, confident and ambitious, open to change, achievement-oriented, multi-tasker, progressive and innovative. What exactly are we talking about?

Of course, we are talking about Generation Y.

Generation Y, also known as Millennials, is the demographic cohort following Generation X. There are no precise dates for when this cohort starts or ends; demographers and researchers typically use the early 1980s as starting birth years and the late 1990s as ending birth years.

Despite the age diversity, it is a fairly homogeneous group; thanks to globalization, social media and the speed of change, Millennials worldwide are indeed more similar to one another than to older generations within their nations.

As the first generation to grow up constantly connected to the world, they have more positive attitudes about technology than other generations – they are the most likely to say that technology makes life easy rather than harder, are the most likely to say technology brings people closer together than drives them further apart, and are the most likely to say that technology allows people to use their time more efficiently.

Grown up on entrepreneurship watching Steve Jobs lead the renewed Apple, Mark Zuckerberg create a social media sensation and other young innovators disrupt traditional industries, Millennials aim for achievement and success by pursuing new roads. Generation Y is building new businesses out of the ruins of a recession since 2008, and in doing so, it is changing the career expectations for a whole generation. Recession has shown that there is no job for life and that each individual is responsible for what is going to happen with their life.

So let’s make room for technology, entrepreneurship, start-ups, creativity and talent. “If you can imagine it, you can achieve it”, Millennials would say.

Then it comes as no surprise that Millennial entrepreneurs worldwide have launched about twice as many businesses as Baby Boomers (people born between 1946 and 1964) and Millennials are discovering entrepreneurship significantly earlier than Baby Boomers did.*

But that’s not all.

The concepts of “Doing business as usual” and “Making money working 9-5” are being redefined and completely overturned in favour of self-employment and new business ideas that lead Generation Y to create wealth in new ways. Millennials are making money playing electronic and video games (League of Legends and Dota 2, to name but a few), writing a personal blog, vlogging (video blogging) on Youtube and sharing personal shots on Instagram.

Figures speak for themselves. Millennials are making up 23% of the world’s millionaires** and this fact has been further confirmed by Coutts, the 325-year-old bank famous for serving only millionaires, which is considering this phenomenon large enough to opening its range of services to this new target client.***

Even if not all Millennials want to be self-employed or entrepreneurs, the ideas of innovation, digitalisation and responsiveness appeal to this generation like none before and it’s safe to say that these elements will have a profound impact on how to engage with them.

A truly global generation, with a new set of values and expectations, Generation Y will be assuming stronger positions as business leaders and clients soon. Corporate and financial services providers should expect millennials views to more strongly influence global markets, in terms of business relationships and services. Millennials mindset may fuel a rapid transformation of “social entrepreneurs” from a relatively narrow group of innovators to the way that “business is done” much more broadly. The implications of this phenomenon on the corporate and financial services industry will vary; some may see it as a threat, while others may see this as an opportunity to reinvent themselves — to redefine purpose, responsibility and expectations in order to create relationships based on mutual trust and understanding.

There is a lot at stake, as well as a lot to gain, from a changing business landscape. Corporate and financial services providers that will understand and embrace this new mindset will really have the chance to capitalize on the Millennials opportunity.

How do Millennials’ financial attitudes and behaviours differ from those of earlier generations? What corporate services and financial product features do Millennials value most? How corporate and financial services firms are targeting this group? What are the most effective ways to use technology to market Generation Y? How can financial firms use social media and other tactics to engage Millennials?

I will try and answer these questions – and many others – next week. Stay tuned!


Written by Marta Bellamoli, Marketing Co-ordinator


* source: 2016 BNP Paribas Global Entrepreneur Report

** source: Forbes 2017

*** read the full article here 

the business of trust

On Sunday I was on my sofa reading some articles about cultural transformation and new business models, when I was struck by an interesting piece on ‘sharing economy’.

For those who have never heard the term before, sharing economy is an umbrella term that encompasses many realities and different characterizing elements. Generally speaking it is a new economic model based on the sharing of goods and services – therefore no longer based on purchasing and ownership – where the personal element is fundamental.

Car2Go, Uber, Airbnb – to name but a few – rely on the use of an object/service rather than on its purchase. UberPop, Rover, and Bell Family offer platforms which put people looking for a service in contact with those who can provide it. They all have a key common denominator: they all revolve around trust.

If I decide to rent my home to a stranger via Airbnb, if I ask an UberPop driver to pick me up and drop me off somewhere at 2am, if I use Rover or Bell Family platforms looking for someone who can take care of my dog ​​or my daughter respectively, in all these cases I will blindly trust in someone I don’t know. This individual might be incompetent, unreliable, mischievous or even worse. Nevertheless, the mentioned businesses are successful and keep customers keen on their goods/services. How is it possible?

Again, it is all about trust. Trust enables every human exchange; arguably our society couldn’t function without it. The belief we have in each other’s promises is so great that it even transcends our immediate circle in the physical world. We order books, book hotel rooms and experience new restaurants and cuisines on the word of others who have recommended them.

Similarly, trust is also the foundation of many trust & corporate services providers, like Abacus. Abacus is not merely an organisation that creates value or exchanges services for money. Abacus is the promises we make to our clients in return for their trust. When we put a price on a service or a ‘contact us’ button on our website, we are inviting people not just to pay for something or to contact someone randomly, but to trust that we will deliver on the promises we have made to them.

Both Abacus and our service offerings have grown significantly over the last 40+ years, yet the original principles and promises of applying integrity, independence and insight across each client’s requirements are still very much prevalent within the business to this day.

Every day presents a new challenge and a new opportunity. We look forward to the tough calls, the challenging clients, and the constant push to keep our services and expertise relevant in the changing market. But at the heart of it, we are in the people business. It is the relationships we forge – and the trust we create – that matter most to our success at the end of the day. In business as in private life, all successful relationships run on trust. Trust is a non-negotiable trait.

The first and last goal of every business should be to make promises and then to keep them. After 40+ years, we at Abacus are still keeping ours and we work every day to repay the trust that our clients place in us. How about you? What are you promising to your clients?


“The people when rightly and fully trusted will return the trust.” (Abraham Lincoln)


Written by Marta Bellamoli, Marketing Co-ordinator

As most, if not all, of you already know, the seventeenth edition of the NatWest Island Games was recently held in Gotland, Sweden and attracted about 3,000 participating athletes from 23 islands, including the Isle of Man.

Three intrepid athletes and colleagues, Alison Cowin (archery), Nathan Holden (shooting) and Kevin Loundes (athletics), joined the Manx team in Gotland and competed over one week. Along with many other athletes, they contributed to the Isle of Man’s success at the Island Games; the Isle of Man finished at the top of the medal table with 39 golds, 36 silver and 26 bronze.  The haul was one the Island’s largest ever, only beaten by the 2001 total when the Isle of Man last hosted the event.

That’s the short story.

The long story is that the Island Games began in 1985 as the Inter-Island Games, part of the Isle of Man’s International Year of Sport, and were intended to be a one-off sporting celebration only. Under the motto “Bringing islands together”, the Games aimed to provide an opportunity for athletes from the different islands to compete internationally, and to forge links between different islands.

Islands with similar history, heritage and geography were invited and in the summer of 1985 the first ever Games were held. 700 participants from 15 islands took part in something that then became an amazing success. The experience was so good that they all wanted to do it again, and the rest is, as they say, history. Since then, the NatWest Island Games has gone from 700 participants, 15 islands and 7 sports to 3,000 participants, 24 islands and 18 sports.

Time has passed and many things have changed over the years, but the Island Games’ success and sporting excellence still remain. What’s the secret behind such a success? What’s behind an athlete’s relentless pursuit of excellence?

Just passion. When athletes have passion, they quickly move through tough times and stay hungry for the next day. Their resiliency is seemingly hard-wired into their DNA; when a particular sport is one’s passion, it becomes not just something they like to do, but rather a part of them as person. When a person is passionate about a sport, it means that they live, breathe, and sleep sport. Of course, pure energy, positive attitude, determination and absolute concentration to overcoming the obstacles and breaking their own limits play an important role. There is no limit to positive values such as commitment, rigor, tenacity and discipline, but passion only can transform them into sporting excellence and personal victory. Without true passion, it is extremely difficult to truly reach the full potential in sport as well as in life.

Let me conclude leaving one last thought. T. Alan Armstrong, author and writer, once said “If there is no passion in your life, then have you really lived? Find your passion, whatever it may be. Become it, and let it become you and you will find great things happen for you, to you and because of you.”

We can live with a little less of everything… except what makes us feel passionate. It is not a mandatory rule for all, but a good approximation that can be adapted to most of us. And it is the only secret behind every success.


Written by Marta Bellamoli, Marketing Co-ordinator

Pictures [L-R]: Nathan Holden – shooting (ph.credit: Dave Norton), Kevin Loundes (right) – athletics, Alison Cowin & team – archery (ph.credit: Alison Cowin)


HMRC doubles tax information requests from overseas territories

HMRC doubles tax information requests from overseas territories – are you ready for increased scrutiny?

In the last 5 years, HMRC requests for information from overseas tax authorities have doubled according to recently released information. These information requests have been made under various double tax and information exchange agreements. HMRC will also receive information under the OECD Common Reporting Standard later this year.

With HMRC receiving an abundance of information relating to offshore structures, it is perhaps inevitable that HMRC enquires into offshore trust and company structures will increase in the future. Are you confident your existing trust or company administrator is well placed to deal with increased scrutiny from HMRC? Have all UK tax risks been properly identified and, where necessary, the requisite reporting been undertaken? If not, there could be challenging times ahead!

Ensuring all UK tax risks have been identified and addressed is not easy!

Navigating the UK tax rules in relation to offshore structures presents a real challenge to trustees and directors of such structures. Even if tax advice was obtained when the structure was originally established, given the volume of UK tax changes in recent years, it is highly likely any tax advice will now be out of date. Of course, up to date tax advice can be obtained; however, if the rules being discussed are both complex and wide reaching, how will offshore directors and trustees ensure that the advice is implemented correctly? What if changes are made to the structure after the advice is issued? What if the tax status of key persons, for example trust beneficiaries, change in the future? Will the possible implications, both for the beneficiary and perhaps for the trustee, be identified?

How can Abacus help?

At Abacus we have a dedicated tax team experienced in dealing with UK and cross-border tax planning. Our in-house tax team works alongside a client’s tax advisor to ensure that any tax advice is understood by the people administering the structure and that the tax advice is implemented as planned. Where no advisor is currently in place, our tax specialists can review your structure to identify potential tax issues and ensure the appropriate advice is obtained.

In this time of increased information sharing by global tax authorities, it is crucial to ensure tax risks have been identified and where necessary properly disclosed. Utilising the services of Abacus and their in-house tax team could help address these potential issues and prevent expensive surprises in the future should HMRC start asking questions.


Written by Kevin Loundes, Associate Director

TCSP – What’s the recipe to success?

To make the perfect ‘Spaghetti Bolognese’ it’s all about the sauce mixture and its cooking time.

If you mix finely diced and gently fried onions and carrots, a pinch of salt and pepper, some extra virgin olive oil, with abundant beef mince and rich tomato sauce, bringing to a simmer and then reducing the temperature to simmer gently for 3 hours at least – you’re onto a winner.

Like creating a culinary masterpiece, it’s all about having the right ingredients, and the appropriate time and expertise.

So what are the right ingredients for a strong trust/corporate services provider (TCSP)? Based on my experience it takes a rich heritage, strong values and high standards, along with an experienced and technically competent team of professionals.

At Abacus we have the perfect ingredients to provide premier offshore solutions to an international client base. We are committed to finding new ways in which we can assist clients through the development and provision of new solutions and keeping pace with change and ever more sophisticated tax planning.

We set ourselves apart from other providers through comprehensive understanding of the planning behind each structure to ensure it is the optimum solution in each instance. We then apply this depth of knowledge, understanding and expertise to ensure that the services we provide meet the objectives of each individual client and their respective individual planning needs.

Moreover, both our company and our services have grown significantly over the last 40 years and the original principles of applying integrity, independence and insight across our clients’ requirements, values which have gained us recognition as a leader in our field, are still very much prevalent within the business to this day. It is our forward thinking and can-do attitude which has been rewarded with four decades of continued growth.

Although there is no recipe to success, of course there are ingredients to a winning mix. It takes all the mentioned ingredients working together to make Abacus the ideal TCSP… The Bolognese sauce recipe is pretty good too!


Written by Marta Bellamoli, Marketing Co-ordinator

doing business overseas guanxi

The art of Guanxi in China can make or break your entrance into the business arena. It is a practical method of introduction and reputation-building that either opens doors if successful or nails them shut if it all goes wrong!

So what is Guanxi? Guanxi is a method of conducting business in a way that fits perfectly with Bourdieu’s concept of social, economic, symbolic, and cultural capital insofar as who you know, what you have, how you display it, and how you interpret other’s around you. Business transactions are not just governed by legislation, but by definite rules that are easy to understand… as long as you have someone to explain them to you! Also, business relationships are based upon trust, and having a Guanxi partner means that you’ve got a foot in the door. Without it, the door would remain firmly shut. However, once you’ve earned the trust of another, they are bound by duty to show you the way; as long as you’re prepared to honour any request they may make of you in the future.

In a Western business model, there are comparisons that we can draw upon, but nothing as structured and complex as Guanxi. It is structured in the sense that it is well defined, and those in the know are well versed in their roles and duties. Unfortunately, its complexities arise from the fact that it’s an unwritten rule of engagement; whether you know the rules or not, you still need help into each arena.

Imagine starting a business in a new location. Would it be easy? To a Westerner, having a helping hand is useful but we could go it alone. In China, starting a business in a new province would be near impossible without having a residence card for that location, or someone in possession of one to act as a gatekeeper. Even when you’ve gained the trust of an individual, you’re constantly at the mercy of your friend’s reputation. If they lose ‘face’, you can lose out too, especially if your Guanxi relationship is still in incubation, like a very expensive domino effect.

A very good example of how powerful Guanxi can be in full operation is the one of McDonald’s vs China. In the early 1990’s, McDonald’s opened their largest outlet yet in Beijing, renting government land in a prime location that covered 28,000 sq.ft. A local businessman in possession of a great Guanxi reputation made a request to the government; he would put the area to better use by building a shopping plaza. His reputation was that impressive that he was granted rights to the land plus permits to develop it, regardless of the contract that was in place for the fast food chain to operate there. No matter how many local people they employed, no matter how much revenue they attracted, the profits of McDonald’s would leave Chinese shores and head to the U.S. whereas the local businessman offered opportunities for local people, with profits re-entering the Chinese economy. Legal backing was no match for Guanxi networking!

So how can we use these cultural differences to our advantage? Well, by simply observing the rituals and nuances that each nation, even region possesses, if remembered and applied, links and networks can prosper rather than flounder at the first hurdle. Knowing your potential partner and understanding what they are gaining from the partnership can earn you extra points that make you stand out in a crowd.

However, as the global community of business becomes smaller as communication links improve and the digital era reduces commuting time; less face to face discussions are happening. Knowing a little bit more than your client’s email and Skype address can lead to a more familiar and productive working relationship.

So next time you’re dealing with an overseas client, especially from a different continent, search for cultural points that you can learn. You never know, applying new cultural qualities to your own productivity might just add an extra dimension that your competitor is lacking in.


Written by Heather McNamara, Client Services

Our proactive attitude: Encouraging Economic Development

On Tuesday 21st February, Isle of Man Treasury Minister Alfred Cannan revealed his economic plan for the Island for the next five years, which he said was about “optimism and confidence” in the economy and “supporting industry and jobs with grants and the Economic Development Fund.”

Along with delivering sustainable finances for Government and supporting working families on the Isle of Man, the 2017/18 Budget aims to develop businesses and the economy. It is a budget that recognises the need to nurture an environment that is attractive for businesses to set-up and invest in local development.

It came as no surprise; in fact, the Island has an excellent track record in supporting the entrepreneurial spirit and is committed to helping individuals and businesses become successful. Ranging from financial services to the yachting industry, aircraft management to e-gaming and e-business, these sectors are internationally recognised as synonyms of excellence. At the heart of the Island’s proposition there is a promise that this is a land of possibility where people and businesses can find the right environment to reach their full potential.

Just like the Island, so too Abacus strives to support investors, entrepreneurs and businesses by anticipating their needs and working with them to find solutions. Whether an investment portfolio, trading company, real property, a luxury yacht or business jet, Abacus can establish an effective trust, company or fund structure tailored to the client’s needs and offer associated administration services and back office support at the required level.

Both the Isle of Man and Abacus are deeply committed to finding new ways in which to assist potential investors through the development and provision of new solutions. Unsurprisingly then, both individuals and companies are recognising the wealth of opportunity that they can experience doing business here.

After all, relocating or starting a new business in the Island is easy, and there are a lot of good reasons to choose the Isle of Man; a caring community, a friendly tax regime, good travel connections, robust Internet connectivity as well as a supportive business-minded Government. All of this means you will enjoy an unsurpassed quality of life both personally and professionally. You can spend less time worrying and more time taking care of what really matters to you.

Now it’s time to act proactively. Being proactive means taking responsibility for your life, time and actions rather than just watching how things happen. Being proactive means considering new opportunities, seeking new solutions and looking for a dynamic professional environment. To be proactive you need to be clear about your goals in life, and carry out actions to help you achieve these goals.

This is Abacus’s 41st year of excellence in providing fiduciary and professional administration services and the Island’s 34th year of unbroken growth. On one side, the Isle of Man’s economy has experienced 5 per cent of growth during last year, with reserves of £1.6 billion. On the other side, Abacus embraces positivity of many years’ experience and keeps delivering value through effective tailored solutions and excellent client services to an international client base.

We are taking a proactive approach. How about you?


Written by Marta Bellamoli, Marketing Co-ordinator

The Isle of Man’s Unique Position in the Aviation world

The Isle of Man Aircraft Registry (“IOMAR”) has been recently named Best Global Aviation Registry in World Commerce Review Magazine’s 2017 awards. A continuing commitment to deployment of the best possible solutions for the benefit of their clients, product innovation, best practice criteria and on-going customer service were all taken into account by the selection panel.

So, what are the reasons behind the IOMAR’s success and popularity over its competitors?

Since its establishment in 2007, the Isle of Man Aircraft Registry has experienced significant growth that some may consider remarkable given the global economic backdrop during nearly ten years it has been operating.

This growth is down to the fact that the IOMAR in comparison to some traditional national registries, has always understood that there is a direct correlation between aircraft ownership and wealth creation, and that private jets are now considered more than a luxury asset; they are in fact an invaluable tool for servicing the needs of corporations.

Today’s private jets are not just assets for high net worth individuals, but also assets to ensure that a corporation is successful over its rivals. In today’s globalised economy, with business being conducted daily in different countries, a private jet is a tool which has transformed from being something of luxury to something of necessity.

Using a cliché, ‘Time is Money’ and a significant tangible benefit of using a private aircraft is to save time. Such understanding of the private jet market is reflected in the IOMAR’s fast and efficient registration processes, an effective registry support, high safety standards, a robust legislation and a solid can-do attitude which remain to satisfy the individual needs of aircraft owners. All of these features are key contributors to its continued success.

Plus, with long term market growth forecasts showing expansion away from the mature economies of Europe and North America to wealth creators in high economic growth regions such as Russia, Middle East and South Africa, the need for a registry with the ability to service the expansion of the private jet fleet is becoming more apparent.

Again, the IOMAR understands this necessity and these needs. As the largest corporate aircraft registry in Europe, with high quality services and a competitive scheme of charges, the Isle of Man Aircraft Registry is well positioned and prepared to service such expansion effectively and efficiently.

“As the Registry approaches its tenth anniversary we have now registered the 925th aircraft since commencing operations and are maintaining our position as the sixth largest private/corporate aircraft registry in the world. The fact that we are still registering aircraft at a healthy rate notwithstanding the tough international trading conditions is a strong endorsement of the Isle of Man business model”, commented the Isle of Man’s Director of Civil Aviation, Simon Williams.

With such a supportive business-minded Government and well-known Registry, we are flying high.

Written by Marta Bellamoli, Marketing Co-ordinator


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