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As one of the Isle of Man’s longest established trust and corporate services providers, we have extensive experience and knowledge in our field and can offer information and advice on a diverse range of structures as well as assistance in the establishment and development of a tailored solution which yields success, and which are also suitable to niche sectors such as the aviation, gaming , property and yachting industries.

Whether used in isolation or as part of a larger, more complex structure, corporate entities remain an important part of efficient financial planning. Available in a variety of legal forms, choosing the right type of entity in the most suitable jurisdiction can be confusing, with the wrong choice significantly impacting a structure’s success. Key considerations include:

  • Does your business operate internationally?
  • Is there genuine presence and substance in multiple jurisdictions?
  • Does the business carry out cross-border transactions, such as product sales, provision of services and payments of group finance charges?
  • Is the business multi-faceted?  Is it a group with a treasury function, asset holding companies or separate servicing entities, for example?
  • Are you considering the creation of substance for the business in new jurisdictions?
  • Do you wish to consider restructuring the business?

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