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A fiduciary holds a position of trust and must perform to the highest ethical standards with clients having faith in the integrity and abilities of their chosen trust services provider.

The independence of a service provider is an important factor which allows flexibility, quick decision making and an unconstrained ability to choose from a network of professionals to ensure a bespoke and transparent service.

Our highly qualified and experienced fiduciary teams create solutions and provide administration services to families which enable them to manage multiple and complex cross-border assets, to navigate tax and regulatory issues and to plan for both their wealth and their businesses. Before doing so we ensure that they give thought to the following key considerations:

  • Are you familiar with the concepts of residence and domicile and how they might impact upon your personal tax position?
  • Are there any special tax regimes in your home jurisdiction that might apply to you?
  • Are you considering a move to another jurisdiction?
  • Are you currently using any form of structuring for the management of family wealth?
  • Is there a need for structuring to manage your wealth and protect assets for future generations?

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