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With increased industry-wide focus on transparency and operational efficiency, effective establishment and ongoing management of your fund structures is more important than ever. Deciding on which type of fund to establish and where to establish it can be confusing.

As a flexible and proactive administrator, we have a depth of experience in helping clients to find the best solutions to meet their needs. We offer a variety of fund types for different types of investors including Retail, Institutional and Private and our existing client portfolio ranges from funds with several thousand investors to private schemes with a small number of ultra-high net worth individuals.

Key considerations:

  • What are your investment objectives?
  • What type of investors are you seeking to attract?
  • What level of capital are you seeking to raise?
  • Are there any cross border tax implications for investors?
  • Do you need an investment management company?
  • Will there be any asset protection/segregation or currency exposure requirements?

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