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Welcome to the new, exciting and (hopefully) informative world of the Abacus Blog.

It will evolve over time and there will be more than one author (I drew the short straw as the first to have a go) in order to keep the content fresh and imaginative…so here goes…

In terms of the world of any corporate body or private client, the current event is without question this week’s global market conditions and the Daily Telegraph’s headline confirming “Black Monday”. Whilst the “falls” in market value are, in headline terms, pretty astonishing and investor worries around an underperforming Chinese market are worth a careful eye…being a person who has seen a few “Black Monday’s” in my 48 years, I do tend to look at this with a rueful shrug of the shoulders these days…

Yes, without question as a professional service provider (important to note we are not an investment advisor – we have to keep the regulator and compliance happy) we will keep a very watchful eye on this situation but the standard comments on the lips of any investment advisor still ring true…e.g. MARKETS DO GO UP AND DOWN

Putting the need for prudence as trustees, individuals or indeed any investor to one side, we do need to realise that a loss (or indeed a gain) is only the case when an actual crystallised event such as a sale occurs….something news headlines fail to acknowledge at times!

Written by:

Paul Swindale
Senior Manager, Abacus Trust Company Limited

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